Important Customer Notice - New MasterCard Bin Range

Date MONDAY, 13TH JUNE 2016

We are writing to inform you that effective from October 2016, MASTERCARD is adding a new 2-Series bin range 222100 - 272099 to be processed with and in the same manner as the existing bin range 510000 - 559999.

Please take a look below on the products that may require you to make changes to accommodate the new cards.

Customers with the following product(s) will require action:

Merchant Hosted Payments Solution - PxPost, Web Service, PxFusion

Since this is a custom built payment page from your own secure server, you will need to ensure your server is capable of accepting the new cards by October 2016.

Customers with the following product(s) will not require action:

  • Payment Express Hosted Payments Solution - PxPay 2.0
  • Payment Express Unattended Devices - SCR200, SKP200, BRF210
  • Payment Express Attended Devices - iPP320, iPP350, iWL250

There will be no changes require from your end as Payment Express will manage the acceptance and routing of the new bin ranges. Thus customers should be able to transact as per usual.

Please feel free to contact us at any time should you have any questions or concerns regarding this matter by calling 0800 729 6368 or emailing us at